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From Pretty Woman to pretty scruffy


THIS is handsome movie star Richard Gere as you have never seen him before …looking like a deadbeat down-and-out.

In a far cry from his roles in movies like Pretty Woman, Gere will be playing a homeless New Yorker in his latest film, “Time Out of Mind.” Continue reading ‘From Pretty Woman to pretty scruffy’


Hats off to new series of Mad Men



MANHATTAN’S coolest man Don Draper is back! Pictures of Mad Men actor John Hamm – who plays Draper – sporting a sixties-style hat with a feather in the hatband have been released by AMC to promote the eagerly-awaited final series of the show.

The first episode of the last season will premiere on Sunday in America and later in the week in Britain on the Sky Atlantic channel. Continue reading ‘Hats off to new series of Mad Men’

Lady Gaga surprises fans with make-up free new look


SHE’S usually flamboyant – but pop icon Lady Gaga has surprised fans by posting a picture of herself on Twitter without a stitch of makeup.

Gaga, who is preparing for her final live show at New York’s Roseland Ballroom, told her fanatical Twitter followers: “I love you.” Continue reading ‘Lady Gaga surprises fans with make-up free new look’

New York girl has longest legs in the world


MOVE over Russia and Britain. The New York Post thinks it has discovered the model with the longest legs.

Model Brooke Banker, a 26-year-old Brooklyn-born beauty, has 47-inch legs – much longer than Russian Anastasia Strashevskaya, an 18-year-old law student, who was crowned “Miss Longest Legs” in a Soviet beauty pageant.  Continue reading ‘New York girl has longest legs in the world’

Jennifer Aniston chops off her famous locks


SHE used to have the most famous hairstyle in the world.

But former “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston — known for pioneering “The Rachel” hairdo — has dramatically chopped off her locks. Continue reading ‘Jennifer Aniston chops off her famous locks’

Manhattan barber makes sure you always get a good haircut


Harry’s of New York

A NEW YORK barbershop has come up with a novel way of making sure you always get a good hair cut.

Hairdressers at Harry’s The Corner Shop take a photo of your cut, add brief styling notes and store it in a unique online profile of each customer. Continue reading ‘Manhattan barber makes sure you always get a good haircut’

Janice Dickinson – “I’m a hero!”


The ever-modest Janice Dickinson

FIRST she declared herself the “world’s first supermodel” – now Janice Dickinson thinks she is a hero for chasing down a bag snatcher.

The uber-modest Janice claims she gave chase to a man suspected of snatching a bag from a male go-go dancer. Continue reading ‘Janice Dickinson – “I’m a hero!”’

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