Jacko and the women: bombshell new book tells all



Superstar Michael Jackson used to get his bodyguards to pick up mystery women for him, a bombshell new book claims.

The book – “Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days,” written by Jacko’s former employees Javon Beard and Bill Whitfield – also alleges he disciplined his kids and suffered major money issues.

Beard and Whitfield reveal that Jackson’s son Prince, now 17, once got a dog as a present and didn’t clean up after it. Jackson moonwalked right into the dog’s pooh, infuriating him.

According to Beard, the Gloved One “chewed Prince out, big time.” Prince soon began following the dog with a broom and dustpan to make sure he wasn’t dumped on again.
The duo claim that during their employment, they picked up several women for their boss, including one with an Eastern European accent who was referred to only as “Friend.” They said she stayed at a nearby Hampton Inn, where Jackson would visit her at night after his kids went to sleep.

The bodyguards describe the King of Pop’s favourite female pal as “drop-dead gorgeous,” standing about 5-feet-4 with a slender physique.

Another lady friend nicknamed “Flower” came a few days after “Friend” had left.

Jackson’s money troubles are detailed throughout the book, with the bodyguards claiming they didn’t get paid on time and would go months without a paycheck.

Whitfield says Jackson once saw dolls in a shop and asked him if he was going to buy anything for his daughter. Whitfield replied that he couldn’t, because he hadn’t been paid.
According to Whitfield, Jackson nevertheless went on a $10,000 shopping spree that ended when his credit card was declined.

The authors claim that despite passages in the book that may reflect poorly on Jackson, they are not trying to embarrass their former boss.

“It’s not a bitter tell-all,” says one industry insider of the duo’s goal in penning the book. “They were very fond of him and loved his kids, but they describe someone who was surrounded by thieving managers and assistants.”

The book will be published in June.


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