Pensioner wins lottery – thanks to fortune cookie


A NEW YORK great-grandmother played the numbers she got in her Chinese fortune cookie  — and landed $2 million.

Emma Duvoll, 75, from the Bronx,  decided to use the numbers that came inside her dessert because she read that it paid off for others in the past.

“I heard about it once, a long time ago,” Duvoll said.

“You try anything once. And this time it worked!”

The grandmother of eight and great-grandmother of one has previously tried family birthdays and anniversaries with no luck.

Her good fortune came from a Chinese food order that she and her sons grabbed at Sammy’s Noodle Shop & Grill in Greenwich Village — which they ate on the way to a family visit in upstate Pine Bush.

Duvoll kept the fortune cookie slip, and played the numbers at a Hanneford’s grocery store.
She hit the numbers 5, 12, 15, 27 and 38, but missed out on the Powerball, 7. Matching five numbers won $1 million, and because Duvoll shelled out an extra $1 for the Power Play option, her payout increased to $2 million.

The jackpot that day was $193 million.

“I was surprised, but pleased,” Duvoll said of the Feb. 1 win. Her lump sum payment was $1,246,085 after taxes.

Duvoll was born in Switzerland and moved to the US with her husband Dwight, 86. They settled in the Bronx, where they owned a delicatessen and raised their two boys in an apartment in Fordham.

The now-retired couple was watching at home when the Powerball numbers were picked.


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