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New Manhattan cashpoint machine takes the cake



A NEW cashpoint machine in New York really takes the cake.

The 24-hour cupcake-dispensing “ATM’’ on the Upper East Side allows New Yorkers to buy fresh, gourmet goodies with the push of a button any time they want.

Continue reading ‘New Manhattan cashpoint machine takes the cake’


Out of control SUV lands on train


AN SUV crashed through a fence and landed on a Q train in Brooklyn.

The MTA said the vehicle was traveling along East 18th Street near Albemarle Road when it struck the fence around 5 a.m. and wound up partially on top of the subway car. Continue reading ‘Out of control SUV lands on train’

Waiter – there’s a lizard in my salad


A MANHATTAN theatrical agent ordered a kale salad – and found a severed lizard head inside it.

Robin Sandusky, 31, said she ordered a $6 salad from Guy & Gallard on West 40th Street, but found the reptile head inside the lunch after it was delivered to her Chelsea office.

“It was the craziest thing,” she said. “After a few bites, I look down at my fork, and think, ‘Oh, is that a piece of asparagus?’And then I saw that it had eyes, and an arm.” Continue reading ‘Waiter – there’s a lizard in my salad’

St Paddy’s Day bash turns into riot


Police detain a participant in the pre-St. Patrick’s Day “Blarney Blowout” near the University of Massachusetts

A ST PATRICK’S Day party spiraled out of control in Massachusetts – leading to 70 arrests.

Police in riot gear were called to sort out the pre-St Paddy’s Day bash in Amherst – dubbed the “Blarney Blowout.” They came up against thousands of drunken and unruly revelers. Continue reading ‘St Paddy’s Day bash turns into riot’

Pensioner wins lottery – thanks to fortune cookie


A NEW YORK great-grandmother played the numbers she got in her Chinese fortune cookie  — and landed $2 million.

Emma Duvoll, 75, from the Bronx,  decided to use the numbers that came inside her dessert because she read that it paid off for others in the past. Continue reading ‘Pensioner wins lottery – thanks to fortune cookie’

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