Sacked – for turning down women bosses’ sexual advances


A YOUNG Manhattan PR rep claims his female bosses got him sacked when he turned down their sleazy proposals.

In a lawsuit, Joseph Earl Jackson says his supervisors at Open Communications Omnimedia in Chelsea flirted with him, fondled him and even asked him to take part in a salacious “bang sesh.”

Jackson said he “endured” seven months of lusty ladies hugging him, kissing him and telling him, “You are so handsome” at their company offices.

The $35,000-a-year account coordinator claims the company’s chief strategist, Sally O’Dowd, told him “how she loved young black and Hispanic men” and “that she loved how sexy his chest and deltoids were in his white button- down shirt,” according to the Manhattan


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  1. 1 Luc April 10, 2014 at 6:16 am

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