Dumb Starbucks opens its ‘parody’ store


A NEW coffee store called Dumb Starbucks has opened its doors to the public in LA.

The logo on the shop, claiming to be a parody coffee shop mocking Starbucks, looks nearly the same as the real Starbucks, but with the word “dumb” added to the title and menu items.

The Caramel macchiatos and hazelnut frappuccinos of Starbucks are instead called “dumb caramel macchiato” and “dumb hazelnut frappuccino”.

The mocking coffee shop claims it can get away with the usage of the Starbucks logo for marketing purposes, saying that by adding the word ‘dumb’ they are technically making fun of Starbucks, which allows them to use the Starbucks trademark under ‘fair use’ law, NBC News said.

The new coffee shop was offering free coffee over the weekend and quickly became a social media wonder, according to NBC.

A spokesperson for the real Starbucks coffee chain says they are looking into this new opening closely, NBC News reported.


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