Woman stiffs driver after racking up $1000 cab fare


Cabdriver Adnan Chaudhury (left) says he was stiffed by Denise Rebelato, here in an online pic.

A WOMAN who hailed a yellow cab at JFK to take her 200 miles to her Boston home refused to pay the driver the $980 fare.

Denise Rebelato, 31, was arrested for allegedly stealing the four-hour ride and slammed by cops and a judge for not taking a cheaper way home.

“From New York? From New York, you said? That’s how much it costs?” asked Framingham District Court Judge Robert Greco. “They have buses.”

Rebelato arrived from her native Brazil Wednesday afternoon and had allegedly agreed on the price with cabby Adnan Chaudhury.

She asked him to take I-95, then called him a “moron” for going that way, Chaudhury, 28, told The Post.

When they arrived at her home, she said she couldn’t pay him, the cabby said.

“She tells me I have no money, and I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ ” he recalled.

He asked her to go to an ATM, but Rebelato said she had nothing in her account. She asked her cousin for help, but he had no money.

She then tried two credit cards, which were declined, and claimed her parents and son were in the hospital.

“I wasted four and a half hours just to get you here, and now it’s going to take four hours coming back to get home,” Chaudhury said he told her. “Took me all day. My lease is gone.”

Rebelato was arrested by Framingham cops and told them her credit card was declined, Framingham Police Lt. Frank DiVittorio said.

Asked by the cops why she didn’t take a bus and if she planned to pay up, she said: “I have so many problems. I just came from Brazil.”

Rebelato was given a phone to make calls to get the cash, but she couldn’t find anyone to help.

She threatened to call President Obama on the police and said she couldn’t keep a job because her son had been abused.

Authorities charged her with larceny over $250, DiVittorio said.

Chaudhury said that the trip ruined his shift and that he’s out the $150 he paid to rent his cab for a shift, as well as the $400 in fares from paying New Yorkers he would normally make. He also spent $75 in gas on the trip, as well as $40 in tolls.

Rebelato griped on Facebook Friday morning, “My CREDIT CARD didnt work n then I got arrested bcz I couldn’t pay for a cab.”

Her Google+ profile says she became a Christian after she was “delivered from alcohol, weed, and some form of mysticism.”

She has until April 7 to pay the driver $980 or a warrant will go out for her arrest.


2 Responses to “Woman stiffs driver after racking up $1000 cab fare”

  1. 2 Richard M Nixon (Deceased) February 8, 2014 at 12:16 pm

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society and commented:
    What a self absorbed fool. Our society produces idiots like this who feel entitled to everything without realizing how much they steal the labor and profit owede to those from who they ‘take’ their ‘just share’. Sheer idocy! Lock her up.

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