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The worst school in America


IS this the worst school in America? The New York Post certainly thinks so.

Students who go to PS 106 in Queens, have hardly been given any books for this year’s term, reveals the Post, and the 234 kids get no PE or art classes. Instead, they watch movies every day. Continue reading ‘The worst school in America’


Meryl Streep: Walt Disney was a “sexist and an anti-semite”


MERYL Streep handed an award to Emma Thompson for “Saving Mr Banks” …then blasted Walt Disney as a “sexist and an anti-Semite.”

Surprised guests listened to Streep’s outburst at the National Board of Review dinner in New York. Continue reading ‘Meryl Streep: Walt Disney was a “sexist and an anti-semite”’

Ferry sends property prices through the roof


PROPERTY values in Brooklyn and Queens have shot up by hundreds of millions of dollars – thanks to the East River Ferry.

The service, which launched in 2011, led to a jump in home values within an eighth of a mile of its stops by 8 percent above the normal market rate, according to an analysis by the city Economic Development Corporation. Continue reading ‘Ferry sends property prices through the roof’

Tonya Harding’s ex-hubby regrets “stupid” attack on Nancy Kerrigan


Nancy Kerrigan

THE INFAMOUS attack on Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan was “pretty darn stupid” admits the ex-husband of Tonya Harding.

On the 20th anniversary of the incident, Jeff Stone, who was named Jeff Gillooly, when his associate clubbed Kerrigan’s knee with a metal rod, told sports Web site Deadspin that the most common question he’s asked is “Do you regret what you did?” Continue reading ‘Tonya Harding’s ex-hubby regrets “stupid” attack on Nancy Kerrigan’

Hungry thief helps himself to two burgers …and restaurant takings


A MAN ordered a hamburger at Burger King …then came back minutes later and robbed the place.

Five minutes after his first purchase from the Long Island branch, the crook returned wearing a mask and ordered another burger – before calmly grabbing cash from a register and making a clean getaway. Continue reading ‘Hungry thief helps himself to two burgers …and restaurant takings’

Wolf of Wall Street breaks F–ing record


Leo DiCaprio in the movie

BLOCKBUSTER Martin Scorsese movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” has been crowned for dropping the most F-bombs in a single non-documentary motion picture.

According to a Variety report, the word “f–k” is said 506 times in 180 minutes beating out Spike Lee’s 1999 “Summer of Sam,” in which the profane word was dropped 435 times. Continue reading ‘Wolf of Wall Street breaks F–ing record’

Beanie Babies creator becomes a crybaby


THE BEANIE Babies creator has begged a judge to go easy on him because he had a tough childhood.

Ty Warner, who in October admitted to stashing as much as $107 million in a Swiss bank account to evade taxes, has asked a Chicago judge to keep him out of prison. Continue reading ‘Beanie Babies creator becomes a crybaby’

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