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New York girl has longest legs in the world


MOVE over Russia and Britain. The New York Post thinks it has discovered the model with the longest legs.

Model Brooke Banker, a 26-year-old Brooklyn-born beauty, has 47-inch legs – much longer than Russian Anastasia Strashevskaya, an 18-year-old law student, who was crowned “Miss Longest Legs” in a Soviet beauty pageant.  Continue reading ‘New York girl has longest legs in the world’


Home Alone star in new pizza tribute band


Pizza Underground featuring Macauly Culkin performs at Brooklyn Bazaar

FORMER child star Macauley Culkin has a new career – fronting a tribute band called Pizza Underground.

The group plays covers of Velvet Underground songs – but changes the lyrics to be about pizza. Continue reading ‘Home Alone star in new pizza tribute band’

Fake poker chips flushed down casino loo


FAKE poker chips to the value of $2.7 million have been discovered flushed down a toilet at a top Atlantic City casino.

The discovery led authorities to a man they say sneaked counterfeit chips into a poker tournament at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, prompting the cancellation of one of its events last week. Continue reading ‘Fake poker chips flushed down casino loo’

New York’s airports are the grottiest in the world


NEW YORK’S major airports are at the bottom of the barrel compared to their posh counterparts across the globe, a new study has found.

Seoul, Tokyo and Munich boast nearly three times more amenities than JFK and Newark, according to Global Gateway Alliance’s rankings of 15 major international airports. Continue reading ‘New York’s airports are the grottiest in the world’

New fat stat shows diet fizz drinkers eat more


FAT Americans who drink diet beverages are likely to eat more than those who have sugar drinks, a new survey reveals.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University analysed data from a U.S. survey of 24,000 people over a period of 10 years. People who were overweight or obese generally consumed the same amount of calories a day no matter what they drank, but those who chose diet drinks got more of those calories from food. Continue reading ‘New fat stat shows diet fizz drinkers eat more’

You jackass! Man jailed for dragging donkey with SUV


Susie Q, the donkey who survived the incident

A MAN was sentenced to five years in prison for dragging a donkey from his SUV.

Texan Marc Saunders, 31, was convicted of felony animal cruelty on Jan. 14. He could have been sentenced anywhere between two and 10 years. Continue reading ‘You jackass! Man jailed for dragging donkey with SUV’

News stand man back in business


ONE of Manhattan’s most famous news stands is back in business.

Jerry Delakas, who has appeared on “Sex and the City” and in TV ads, was locked out for 11 months from the Astor Place stand he has run since the 1970s. Continue reading ‘News stand man back in business’

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