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Oops, she did it again – Britney caught lip-syncing


BRITNEY Spears may be getting $15 million a year for her Las Vegas gigs – but that didn’t stop her lip-syncing her way through a recent performance.

“The singer appeared to be lip-syncing for the majority of her performance,” reported the Los Angeles Times. “That went for high-energy dance numbers such as ‘Womanizer’ as well as slower-paced ballads like ‘Perfume,’ for which Spears took a seat onstage.” Continue reading ‘Oops, she did it again – Britney caught lip-syncing’


Drunk man attacks plane on Christmas Day

A DRUNK homeless man celebrated Christmas Day by charging on to a runway and banging on a plane that had just landed.

Robert Bump scaled a fence at Phoenix airport, ran on to the taxiway and greeted startled passengers by thumping on the plane. Continue reading ‘Drunk man attacks plane on Christmas Day’

Cyber wars – New Yorker sues girl who trashed his fiancee online


Everlina Elterman

A NEW YORK man who dumped his cyber-girlfriend claims she then smeared his fiancée online as a drug-addicted tramp — by setting up sexually explicit profiles using pictures of her lifted from social-media sites.

Emmanuil Sadikov has filed a $5 million lawsuit in Brooklyn federal court against the enraged woman and three alleged cohorts, saying they smeared his fiancée, Evelina Elterman, by setting up nasty sex- and dating-site profiles using her face and name and forwarding links to the couple’s shocked friends and family. Continue reading ‘Cyber wars – New Yorker sues girl who trashed his fiancee online’

Man sues ex over beloved dog


Jonathan Lancaster with beloved pet Hoover

A MAN who says his beloved pooch was dog-napped has filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court demanding the pet be returned.

Jonathan Lancaster, 45, a manager at Enduro Resource Partners, an oil and gas consortium, is suing Samantha Addy, a media producer, to get back a border collie mixed-breed named Hoover Lancaster, court papers show. Continue reading ‘Man sues ex over beloved dog’

Blind man and his dog run over by subway train – and survive


Cecil Williams pets Orlando in his hospital bed on Tuesday after his fall

A LOYAL guide dog leaped onto the tracks when his owner fell off a New York subway platform  — and they both survived getting run over by a train.

Cecil Williams, 60, was heading to the dentist when he felt faint about 9:30 a.m. on the uptown A train platform. Continue reading ‘Blind man and his dog run over by subway train – and survive’

Mega Millions jackpot one of the biggest in history


Betty Mason bought these Mega Millions tickets in New York on Monday

AMERICA’s Mega Millions jackpot will reach $586 million, making it the fourth biggest in history.

If one person nails all six winning numbers, it will be worth a one-time cash out of $316.5 million. Continue reading ‘Mega Millions jackpot one of the biggest in history’

UPS man delivers Xmas prezzie to the dustbin


Tracey Sole was distraught after bin bungle

A DOZY UPS delivery driver sent a family’s Christmas gift straight to the trash after leaving it for apparent safe-keeping in the dustbin.

Distraught Tracey Sole said the Android tablet she’d saved up to buy for her little girl was thrown straight out before she had time to get home. Continue reading ‘UPS man delivers Xmas prezzie to the dustbin’

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