Love at first bite – bride takes a chomp out of groom


The Red Lion Hotel where the drama happened

A COUPLE’S wedding night ended in tears after the bride was hauled off by cops for biting the groom.

Police in Kennewick, Washington, were called to the Red Lion Hotel early in the morning when the tipsy bride called police complaining about her newlywed husband.

Instead of the husband being cuffed, however, 40-year-old Deonna Christine Farkas was booked into the Benton County jail after a bite mark was discovered on her husband’s upper left shoulder.

Farkas was booked for domestic violence assault.

Her husband, Jeremy W. Mckee, 31, refused to provide a statement or allow officers to take a picture of the bite mark.

Because Mckee had physical injuries, according to state law, Farkas had to go to jail.

She was released around noon on Sunday.
Police said Farkas has been previously charged with domestic violence.

The exact cause of the fight was not known by police, who said both the bride and groom threw accusations around.

It is believed alcohol played a factor.


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