Rob Lowe – I would have campaigned for President JFK

MOVIE star Rob Lowe wishes he could have gone on the political trail and campaigned for America’s first Irish Catholic President John F Kennedy.

The handsome actor, who stars as JFK in a new two hour US television drama called “The Killing of Kennedy”, said “I’m a registered Independent. I would have loved Jack Kennedy. I would have loved to have campaigned for him and supported him.

“I wish there were more like him today.”

The TV movie is based on the best-selling book of the same name by Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly.

Outspoken Irish American TV host O’Reilly praised Lowe’s performance as JFK, saying, “I had to coach him, you know, but he did a good job. He had the accent down, and he had the body language down, you know, the mannerisms down and that was important.”

However, O’Reilly said he was not too keen on any entertainers making real-life political bids.

“The political game now is money-raising and pandering. I don’t think — I think actors are a little more creative than politicians,” he said.


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