Ghostbusters to investigate Irish jail

A TEAM of ghostbusters is to go into Wicklow Gaol this Sunday to see if they can unlock the mystery of the supposedly haunted prison.

Over the decades there have been countless bizarre tales of the famous 18th Century prison which is said to be haunted by prisoners from the Great Famine era.

Now members of an organisation called Paranormal Ulster are to conduct a full investigation of the jail.

Using hi-tech thermal imaging equipment and night vision goggles, the team led by lead investigator Mike Hirons will record any ghostly activity.

Says Hirons: “There are many stories of the hauntings of the gaol. When I was last investigating the Gaol in 2012  I was carrying out a vigil with just me and another team member, when we were calling out to spirit when we heard a deep voice grunt and snarl at us.

“There was no other person near to us at the time and were were stunned at what we heard, we heard it very clear, we were in cell 12 which is famous for many other strange occurences.

“This was the cell that many people have seen figures and heard voices from. It also housed a prisioner called William Byrne who was the principal rebel leader at the Battle of Arklow and Vinegar Hill.

“He was later sentenced to death. Because he was such a famous leader the prison warders used to leave his cell door open so he could walk freely around the prison.

“It is has been said that if you close the door to cell 12 Billy Byrne will open it again – this has happened on many occasions.”


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