Stuart Townsend – I don’t care if Americans hate me

HANDSOME Irish actor Stuart Townsend doesn’t care if American viewers HATE him.

The Dubliner – who famously dated Charlize Theron – is currently starring in drama “Betrayal” on primetime American TV.

In the show, his character Jack McAllister cheats on his wife with gorgeous Sara Hanley (played by Hannah Ware).

And so far, Townsend, 40 – who starred in the cult film “Queen of the Damned” – is loving the chance to play a bad boy.

Says Townsend: “I don’t even care if the audience loves him or hates him because I hope they do a little bit of both,” he said. “That’s what’s so great about this show.

“Episodes three to seven really get more and more intense. The knowledge of our illicit affair – it’s becoming harder to keep that quiet. That tension just ratchets up a lot…. six and seven are really big episodes, and we find out quite a lot about the characters that we didn’t know before. Yeah, it gets pretty juicy.

“My character is a compulsive liar, which I’m really enjoying. He really is a fixer. He’s the guy who smooths things out, makes everything fine, even if that means doing something amoral or immoral or just plain old lying. And I think it’s really interesting to play that.”


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