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State trooper sacked for being too leniant

No good deed goes unpunished. Most of us would be delighted if a cop who pulled us over for speeding decided to let us go. But not politician Charles McBurney.

When State Trooper Charles Swindle pulled the Florida lawmaker over for going 87 in a 70 mph zone and then, noticing sticker on his car noting he was a legislator, decided to let him go without a $250 ticket, McBurney was so offended that he called and got Swindle fired.

The Miami Herald says Swindle is appealing his termination, claiming that the department has an unspoken rule to go soft on those who determine their budget.


Cooking grease thefts on the up

Enterprising thieves have been stealing cooking grease from New York’s restaurants.

The New York Post reports the theft of used cooking grease from city restaurants has risen in recent years thanks to the demand for “yellow grease” — a valuable ingredient in biodiesel, say eatery owners and licensed oil collectors.

They suspect an organised element creating a black market while others are calling it industrial cooking oil espionage.

And now, some business owners are going after the greasy bandits by hiring private investigators and beefing up security.

Nicknamed “vultures” or “gypsies,” grease thieves are often armed with a hose, a vacuum or souped-up vacuum or lawnmower engine and drain dry massive metal drums loaded with the rancid cooking sludge.

The thieves trawl the streets in unmarked vans and swipe the oil — going for $1 a gallon on the streets– from unsuspecting restaurant workers.

Thief shows remorse – three decades later

A burglar who stole $800 from a western Michigan store three decades ago has repaid the money, plus some interest.

The anonymous thief sent a note and $1,200 in $100 bills to the Barry County sheriff’s department in Hastings, and they arrived Monday.

The writer admitted breaking into the Middle Mart on Michigan 37 in Thornapple Township north of Middleville about 30 years ago.

In a letter packed with emotion and spelling errors, the writer asks for “help in locating a man” to whom the writer owes the money.

“Anyways, I did a very bad thing that I am shamed of and have lived with this guilt,” the writer said. “I can’t begin to say how sorry iam but have lived with this guilt too long,” the letter went on to say. “If you do find him, please tell him that I was afoolish stupid man when I did that and iam sorrie.”

The letter was unsigned and had no return address.

King of the Wire set to hit new heights

Self-proclaimed “King of the Wire,” Nik Wallenda is setting his sights on a new daring height – and this time he won’t be wearing a safety harness.

The tight rope walker who crossed Niagara Falls on just a 2-inch-thick cable last year, announced on Monday that he’ll walk across the Grand Canyon on June 23.

At 1,500 feet above the Colorado River — an altitude even higher than the top of the Empire State Building — the sky-high stroll will be Wallenda’s highest walk ever.

“It’s just another one in the bucket list,” Wallenda said on the “Today” show. “This is a dream of mine, as was Niagara Falls. It’s just the next chapter in my book, if you will.”

World’s smallest St Patrick’s Day Parade

They bill it as “The World’s Smallest St. Patrick’s Day Parade”, and if you’re in Enterprise, Alabama to see it, you’ll know why.  It has only one marcher and it lasts about 10 minutes.

The city of Enterprise plays host to the one-person event each St. Patrick’s Day, with a local citizen of Irish ancestry given the honor of carrying the colors of the Emerald Isle down 1 block of East College Street, from the Court House, the town’s other unique institution, the Boll Weevil Monument, and back.

This year’s marcher will start at high noon on the steps of the court house.  After the event, the Grand Marshall will attend a traditional reception hosted by Murdock Realty located along the parade route.

The parade began in 1993 as a way to recognize a seldom-celebrated holiday in Enterprise.  “We realized that we could never have the largest St. Patrick’s Day parade, so decided to have the smallest”, said Chamber President, Phil Thomas.

Counterfeiter busted after he returns dud printer full of fake notes

A would-be counterfeiter was busted when he tried to return a broken printer to Walmart — with a sheet of fake $100 bills inside.

The New York Daily News reports Wisconsin’s Jarad S. Carr, 37, was refused a refund when he brought the machine back to the shop on Thursday because he didn’t have a receipt.

At first, he fruitlessly argued with workers as he tried to seal a discount.

Angry they would not replace the faulty device, and refusing to leave, he then ordered them to inspect it.

But unluckily for him, they found the counterfeit cash inside – and immediately called the cops.

Student gets $40,000 guinea pig compo

A Michigan student banned from taking her pet guinea pig around campus has received $40,000 in compensation from her university.

The New York Daily News reports Kendra Velzen, who suffers from severe depression, was awarded the cash payment from Grand Valley State University after arguing the animal offered her “emotional support.”

The 28-year-old had previously been allowed, after petitioning GVSU officials in 2011, to keep her pet in what should have been an animal-free dormitory.

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